Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a weekend!

Well, I have one word to describe this weekend PHENERGAN! For those lucky folks who have never needed this invaluable medication, it is made to treat and/or prevent nausea and vomiting.
Graves led the pack late last week, however, we mistakenly assumed his symptoms were related to his new antibiotic he was taking. Boy were we wrong! I was next and Neil and his namesake McNeil were a tie for last place. But, lets not forget to mention the victims in Hernando, MS where we visited Neil's family this weekend. So far only poor Lucia and David (Neil's sister & dad) have had the pleasure and I hope and pay it stops there!
Anyway, we are all recovering well at this point.
Not much else to report. Graves and McNeil are taking several steps independently but no marathon entries completed yet!
Have a great week everyone!

Here are some pics from this weekend before the infamous stomach bug hit!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1st Haircuts!!!

My babies look like little boys!!
Graves & McNeil took their first trip to the barber shop today with me and Crawdad. They were awesome and did not shed one tear. The tears would be mine if anyones because they look so grown up. Graves really did have a major mullet so it was definitely time but it really does make them look older and makes me realize just how quickly they do grow into little boys. I have to admit greater independence is very nice in some ways but you always want them to be your babies. I saved the curls and pray that they might come back one day soon!
Love ya'll

Christmas 2007

Well, 2007 is officailly over and what a year it was for us. We had so much fun over the holidays celebrating with family and friends. Graves and McNeil racked up from us and the grandparents (I mean Santa, of course). They loved getting the retrorocket but probably their most favorite part was tearing up all the tissue paper!
We feel so blessed to be apart of such wonderful families and have such extraordinary friends. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and we look forward to all the fun times and new memories in 2008!!
Couple of updates:Wicken & Mike are enganged!! She is beeming! Can't wait for the wedding! Above are pics from the night she announced it at our highschool friend Christmas party. Also, Lucia and Dan are expecting in August!! We are so pumped and absolutely cannot wait to meet our new niece or nephew! Congrats and we love you!Here are a couple of pics from the holidays. Hope to have more soon!Happy New Year!