Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summertime Fun and Exciting News

Well, I better start with the news. Neil and I are expecting baby #3 in December! We are so pumped and cannot wait for Graves & McNeil to become big brothers. The boys keep lifting up my shirt when I tell them there is a baby in my belly so not sure they grasp what is really coming their way. McNeil says he wants a baby brother and Graves says he wants a baby sister so one of them will get their way. I think Graves is going to be very helpful with the baby. McNeil will just continue to do his own thing. They are really having so much fun together these days and we are having fun watching them!
We are headed to the beach next month so I should have some fun pictures soon. Above are some pictures of sprinkler time at the Haraway house. Notice the upside down sunglasses on Graves. Could not get the boy to let me turn them around. They have been glued to his face since I bought them. Summertime is so much fun. Hot but fun!